olympos XE [CD] / v.Hillenbrandt
[ATRD1211   Release: 2013-09-16]

ピアノソロ「olympos: hortus nam immortalis」と、KORG M01縛り曲「olympos: hortus in caelum」をベースにして、ごく一部のDS-10PLUS以外の他の素材を使わずインダストリアルなノイズ/ドローンへ解体及び再構築したセルフリミックス集(Extended Edition)。楽曲的な構造を持つノイズ曲を作ることをコンセプトにした5つのヴァリエーションは脱構築的な面が強調され、ノイズの破壊的暴力的な面だけに囚われない美しい空間や静謐な流れ、或いは機械的な秩序の安定感や心地良さを提示する。
雑音部コンピレーション『まんきつ!』に収録された「olympos: rima omniscientis」、また過去の未発表曲「Heidekraut」だけを素材に約15分に亙って展開させたノイズ曲「regina vesperae」も併せて再収録。

forthcoming physical release. 2013.10.27 out.
copyright(C)2013 v.Hillenbrandt/D.i.D. UNITED synthetic expression/delphinix.ws all rights reserved. ATRD1211
more info: 7743.delphinix.ws
twitter: @odradek7743

composed by v.Hillenbrandt
mixed and mastered by v.Hillenbrandt
all noise sounds generated from olympos:hortus nam immortalis/hortus in caelum
i-vii used KORG M01, KORG DS-10PLUS, some VST effects, SoundEngine
v used KORG M01 only, no overdub, no additional FX.
viii generated and built from 'Heidekraut' by v.Hillenbrandt
i-vii inspired by olympos / aki (ichijinsha inc.)
photo, designed and produced by odradek7743

the insanity is the exit of the intellect, the truth is a figure that acquisitiveness is make in the shape of the end, stone that picked up and stone that was in there has different meanings, but they are opposite sides of the same coin.
if thou seek what there is only in the vault of heaven or scheol, thou lose everything that thou know, there is no opportunity to know anything to thou. - it is the horizon in which it was given to the human.

noise, industrial, electronica, piano, drone

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